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Tuesday, 25 September 2007



That's classic writing, Sweder.

The Radio Five listener got it spot on about Chelsea without Jose, as did you in your wonderful comparison of Archimedes and Stan Collymore (surely the first and only time in the history of the English language that those two names will ever be paired convincingly within the same piece).

Meanwhile, for all the temporary pleasure experienced last week in seeing arrogance meet its fall, I agree that Mourinho is a serious loss to the Premiership.

We need characters like The Special One.

Because for all the ahem ... 'understated elegance' of Alan Curbishley's haut couture on MOTD2, an Umbro track suit will never ever match up to the classic chic of Armani.

As indeed I've been trying to tell you, for all these years ...


And thanks to the rare reference to the great Ian "Ollie" Holloway.

Who needs Armani anyway? Some of us look splendid whatever we wear:



Any excuse to allow you to post that photo one more time ;)
Unconnected though I may have been to Ollie's clubs I find him a breath of fresh air. He's a man who believes that political correctness has something to do with the way an MP enters parliament. Eamon Holmes interviews him occasionally on his Saturday morning radio show. If Holloway's on it's a highlight.

I think all the years of guzzling strong ale and abusing my ears with louod music are taking their toll. Collymore, featured on Sport On Five's Monday Night Club (alongside no less a visionary than the recently-retired Thing From Tring), seems to be making rather a lot of sense these days. Just so long as he's kept apart from alcohol, knuckle-dusters and blond TV presenters . . .


Oh, Collymore has always been a lucid pundit. The problem he's had is that the BBC get inundated with protests (or certainly used to) every time he was on. Fallout from the Ulrika Johnsson spat. The thing I admire most about him is that he's never mealy-mouthed or self-pitying when asked about his failings. I've heard him discuss his problems several times, and he always makes them sound strangely fascinating. His last big comeback was ruined by the 'dogging' exposé. Seems like he's back yet again, and I for one am delighted.

And as an aside, we shouldn't forget that when he was minded, he was a sensational footballer too.

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